KEKE, FEFE, BEBE… No, that’s not an infant’s mumbling, that’s one of the hottest top billboard songs of 2018. Daniel Hernandez also known as rapper 6ix9ine has got his year of fame thanks to his vivid rainbow image and his homosexuality. That never been a secret after his coming-out in late 2017, so I hope there’s no more questions – 6ix9ine is gay. Definitely, 6ix9ine is not a Russian rapper.

6ix9ine’s career went up very fast after meeting up with his future manager Treyway. Together they’ve made some kind of gay rap breakthrough, they’ve been booming billboard with GUMMO and BILLY songs for the whole year.

6ix9ine vs Treyway

After his big success, 6ix9ine decided to fire Treyway, as he said this decision had been made because of money. As a consequence, Treyway had no choice, so he just snitched on 6ix9ine immediately. Also Treyway had to accept that his former friend 6ix9ine is gay, even all members of management team was against rapper’s homosexuality. Maybe that fact could be a hidden reason to fire the whole team, someday we will know. 

Nowadays, 6ix9ine popularity is blooming, but does it really matters, when he has to sit in jail. He has many award winning songs not only inside the rap scene, but even in the court including “Rape“, “Misdemeanor assault of a teenager” and “Racketeering“. Most of mass-media chatting that he has to face life in prison, because federal charges cause extremely serious cases. Doesn’t matter what they say today, because tomorrow, for example, 6ix9ine could grab all his stolen Treyway’s money and fly to Cuba. All he needs is to make one right bribe, but that’s another story.

As a conclusion, 6ix9ine is the most contentious rapper or raper, depends on what you like more, of 2018. He even has his own mobile game called DISTRICT69, which is available only on Google Play Market. 

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