An augmented reality glasses can come up with a dozen uses, and a recently published Apple patent hints at one more — extremely unusual. Tim Cook has high hopes for this line of devices.

Apple’s AR-glasses will be crammed with biometric and other sensors and will be able to track the mimicry and gestures of the owner in all details.

With the help of gestures, glasses can be controlled, and an advanced tracking system will be able to collect information about user habits, including those that are not usually talked about.

The patent application states that the glasses will be able to follow how the user “chews, blinks, nods, smiles, raises an eyebrow, moves his jaw, opens his mouth and performs other head movements.” This kind of information will be especially useful for those who want to get rid of neurotic habits: gritting their teeth or biting their nails in moments of stress.

In addition, the abundance of sensors will allow more natural to interact with holograms, according to Inverse. Thus, by tilting the head, the user will be able to flip through the photo album, and with a blink – take a photo.

The patent also states that the proposed technology can be used in various types of optics: reading glasses, sun glasses, sports glasses, welding glasses and helmets.

All this corresponds to the idea of ​​the head of the company Tim Cook to merge health care with the latest technologies.

Analyst and Apple specialist Ko Minchi predicted that the company would release glasses no earlier than the end of 2019 and that they would use the computing power of iPhones to create images, process data and connect to the Internet. If successful, Apple may have a new line of products.

Last summer, Apple bought a startup Akonia Holographics, which deals with holographic technologies. In addition to the HoloMirror lens, there were 200 patents at that time.

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