After the landmark success of the Big Battery Tesla, which changed the energy market in Australia, it became obvious that large-scale energy storage systems are simply necessary for the efficient use of renewable energy. Now one of the most serious players is connecting to the trend – China.

China approved a pilot project for the construction of a large-scale energy storage system in Gansu Province. It will ensure the stability of the network and will increase the volume of renewable sources, according to Bloomberg.

The first phase of the 750 MWh project will require a $174 million investment. It is expected that its construction will be completed in 2019.

The total capacity of clean power plants in China reached 706 GW this year. The new energy storage system will smooth out the peaks and dips of generating wind and solar installations, whose performance is too dependent on weather conditions.

The subsequent increase in the capacity of the project in Gansu will directly depend on the needs of the grid and the market situation.

In its final form, the project will be the largest energy storage system, at least in China.

The most vivid illustration of how such projects can change the market is now the Hornsdale Power Reserve lithium-ion “battery” at 100 MW/129 MW*h, which Tesla installed a year ago in South Australia.

During this time, it has saved consumers $40 million – it was for this amount that payments for services of the local power grid FCAS were reduced. Megabattery also revived competition in the state’s energy market and reduced electricity prices to a record.

Soon the situation may recur in California. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is set to deploy a giant 1.2 GWh energy storage system at the Moss Landing substation. For this, Tesla has even developed new Megapack super-productive batteries. If everything goes according to plan, the project on Moss Landing will work until the end of 2020.

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