Daniel Melville is the proud owner of a replica of the bionic prosthesis of the protagonist of the game Deus Ex. In an interview with VentureBeat, he said that his new version of an artificial hand can do it and why he is a little scared to see how the future approaches.

The release of the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was one of the main events of the gaming industry in 2016. In this part, the main character, Adam Jensen, a man reinforced by numerous bionic prostheses and implants, helped to uncover the plot of ordinary people against the “augmented”.

Along the way, the game raised the question of how far we can and should go in replacing biological parts of bodies and organs with artificial ones. However, the sympathies of the developers were undoubtedly on the side of cyborgs.

Daniel Melville was born with one arm. He became a tester and a representative of the Open Bionics brand. Several years ago, it entered into an agreement with Square Enix, the publisher of the game Deux Ex. The developers wanted Open Bionics to create a real prosthetic Adam Jensen.

And now Melville wears a more advanced version of this artificial hand, as well as modifiable face plates, which make him a copy of the main character of the game.

bionic prosthesis

As Melville told in an interview, the prosthesis, called the Hero Arm, is attached to the arm and powered by the muscles of the forearm. Bionic fingers are dexterous enough to manipulate small objects – Lego parts or a pencil. And if you need to grab something heavier – for example, a cardboard box with things – you have to press a button, then the type of grip will change. Hero Arm allows you to lift up to eight kg.

bionic prosthesis

“I myself was a huge fan of science fiction, “Star Wars” and all that, and I did not think that such technology would be possible in my time. Usually in films it is placed in the distant future. It is strange for me to be in this reality, and I’m actually living in it already now, ” says Melville.

According to him, more and more people around who want to improve themselves with the help of technology.

“Why do I need an ordinary old hand if I can have a bionic one?” He often hears at gaming conventions and promotional events.

Of course, this is not said seriously (not approved information). So far, the development of prostheses has not gone far enough to replace healthy parts of the body with artificial ones. But the trend is evident: the future in which people are ready to undergo an operation in order to become faster or acquire new abilities is approaching. And this is a bit scary, says Melville.

This summer in the United States created the first prototype of the bionic eye. To do this, scientists had to invent a multi-factor 3D printer for printing on curved surfaces.

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