The Swedish manufacturer introduced the universal electric bike in a minimalist design. The creators claim that it is convenient to get to work and explore the roads.

The head of Cake, Stefan Ytterborn, considers universality to be the main advantage of the new electric motorcycle. High-performance model called Kalk&.

electric bike

First of all, it is designed for off-road and extreme driving. But also the manufacturer managed to certify the model for driving on ordinary roads.

Ytterborn assures that it is an ideal transport for suburban residents. On weekdays, he provides a comfortable way to work, and on a weekend – fun in the mud and off-road. In this case, the bike is absolutely quiet and does not produce any emissions.

electric bike

For pre-orders, the new model will be available in March, so Cake has not reported any price or technical characteristics yet. But according to published photographs and videos, you can draw parallels with the previous model of the brand.

electric bike

So, Electrek writes that the battery pack is similar to what the company used before – it is a removable lithium-ion battery of 2.6 kWh. The motor on the early Kalk OR was designed for a peak power of 15 kW. Inside the Kalk&, most likely, will be the same. And the main changes are in design and applicability on all world roads.

electric bike
electric bike

The presentation of another electric motorcycle, the mysterious Strike from Lightning, is scheduled for March. The company hides the appearance of new items, but has already started collecting pre-orders. But the characteristics are known: the maximum speed is 240 km/h, the power reserve is 240 km, and the time of high-speed charging is 35 minutes, which is a great result for electric bike.

Nowadays, it’s understandable why people choose the electric energy over gas – we want to make our planet green in all senses. If we want a bright future for our descendants, we should start to build it today.

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