Every tenth case of chronic renal failure is caused by disorders in the work of genes. For effective treatment, DNA analysis should be mandatory.

Kidney diseases often develop imperceptibly, so the patient goes to the doctor only after the onset of severe symptoms. This complicates the search for the causes of the disease and the choice of effective therapy. According to some estimates, the causes of renal failure remain unknown in 15% of patients.

A team of American researchers, according to Medical Xpress, decided to check whether genetic analysis can improve the effectiveness of treatment of the disease. To do this, scientists tested the genomes of 3315 people with various types of chronic renal failure. Of this sample in 8.5%, the cause of the disease has not been established.

The results of the analysis showed that DNA sequencing has a major influence on the choice of treatment strategy.

It not only identifies rare genetic types of chronic kidney disease, but also indicates the risk of associated diseases, such as cancer, which must be considered during therapy.

According to the authors, genetic analysis should be carried out for every case of chronic renal failure. It will add efficacy to other clinical methods.

Earlier, scientists from the UK announced the discovery of 35 genes associated with chronic kidney disease. This will help carry out early diagnosis and protect patients from organ loss.

We don’t know the exact reasons of kidney failure in many cases, but the main reason is obvious – alcohol. Especially in post-Soviet states the problem of drinking beer and vodka together is pretty significant.

Every Friday people can’t decide between this two beverages – that’s why yorsh appeared. This new Russian beverage is a mix of vodka and beer. After you drink it, you can easily spit your kidney into the pan. So, before doing this, buy yourself a new kidney at least.

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