Only joint development of artificial intelligence systems will help avoid global technology warfare. But it is not states that need to cooperate, but scientific organizations and private companies from China and the United States.

Bypassing the state

The trade war between China and the United States has been going on for almost a year, and in the near future it is unlikely to end. However, analysts believe that market conflicts should not affect scientific research. While Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are preparing to sign a trade agreement, private companies and research organizations must work together on research in the field of AI, regardless of the circumstances.

“Artificial intelligence will change the world. It affects the life of each of us. And [for its development] countries and industries should unite their efforts, ” Pascale Fung, director of the Center for the Study of AI at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said.

Fung is confident that scholars and entrepreneurs will establish contact, even if relations between China and the United States do not improve.

The two largest world economies lead the AI ​​market. American and Chinese companies are attracting billions of dollars to create machine learning systems, while experts from China and America are leading in the number of patents and scientific works related to the development of artificial intelligence.

Against dystopia

Technology that can eradicate poverty and disease can turn into a threat. There is a risk that algorithms and robots will deprive people of work – residents in both China and the US are already facing this. The uncontrolled development of AI is also associated with the growth of inequality and the strengthening of authoritarianism.

But, according to Pascale Fung, the People’s Republic of China and America will prevent the formation of a dystopia and at the same time extract the maximum benefit without harm to society.

She points out that American and Chinese scientists are increasingly sharing experiences and publishing their ideas on forums and other open areas.

“Research and development in the field of AI in China and the United States have similar DNA,” Fung said. South China Morning Post leads her quote.

The ground for joint experiments should be Hong Kong. On its territory, American and Chinese institutions are already building joint laboratories. According to Fung, there will be more such projects in the future.

The AI ​​race is increasingly compared with the nuclear arms race, and experts are already talking about the risks of military conflict amid intense competition. American investor and billionaire George Soros believes that in the hands of China, AI is a mortal threat. And if the country unites with Russia, the danger will increase several times.

The Pentagon has already admitted that the AI-arms race has begun. American politicians are sounding the alarm and urge to urgently increase investment in machine learning systems, as well as to revise the legislation on algorithms and robots.

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