Traditionally, the capsules of candidates for the contest in Elon Musk are sent on their way to the cries of “Break it!”, And this year the winner had to face just such a scenario for the sake of a new hyperloop capsule speed record. Next year the track will seriously complicate.

The team from the Munich Technical University TUM Hyperloop won the annual test of capsule for the Hyperloop – vacuum tunnels of the future, in which cargo and passenger “projectiles” will reach a speed of 1000 km/h. The current speeds are more modest, but it must be noted that the place for acceleration is limited – the length of the test pipe near the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne is a little more than a kilometer. During the test, the capsule should accelerate, and to the finish line – slow down and stop.

The current speed record is 463 km/h, and this is higher than the adjusted data from last year’s competition – 457 km/h. Then the victory was won by the same team of engineers, known as WARR Hyperloop.

During the final run, the TUM capsule at the finishing area began to spark and lost some of the details, but after examining SpaceX engineers decided that the creators had successfully crossed the tunnel.

As TechCrunch notes, the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition participants’ capsules are traditionally sent to the tunnel under the shouts of “Break a pod!”, But only this year everything happened exactly that way. In total, four teams out of 21 were admitted to the final, which for two weeks tried to prove to SpaceX specialists the safety of their decisions. The second place was taken by the engineers of Swissloop, whose capsule has developed a speed of 258 km/h.

Elon Musk after the completion of the finals said that next year the task of the contestants will become more complicated. SpaceX will build a 10-kilometer tunnel with a turn.

It is worth noting that during the competition, the president of the “tunneling” Boring Company, Steve Davis, said that the tunnel in Hawthorne could be lengthened “another 200 meters.” From this it follows that next year Musk hopes to test the capsules at the new site – and so far does not disclose exactly where.

The head of SpaceX calls Hyperloop the transport of the future, but the idea has both supporters and opponents. The first last year presented full-sized capsules for transportation, and the second – several scenarios of the disaster in a vacuum tunnel. Many experts believe that, for security reasons, Hyperloop will only be used for freight in the first phase. Elon Musk himself, together with the Boring Company, is building a simplified version – Loop, tunnels without vacuum.