The installation hypersonic jet engine of a new generation will allow military aircraft to fly five times faster than the speed of sound. The technology is being actively developed by the US military and Northrop Grumman Corporation.

At the Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, a hypersonic ramjet engine was tested. The Northrop Grumman 5.5-meter device lasted about 30 minutes and set a new power record with 58 kilonewtons of thrust.

According to New Atlas, engines of this type suck in air at hypersonic speed and pump it into a tapering duct. At its narrowest point, fuel ignites.

Traditional jet engines so far have shown much more impressive results. For example, Boeing is preparing to supply its aircraft with new generation engines that will produce thrust of more than 450 kilonewtons. However, the advantage of the scramjet is the ability to five times exceed the speed of sound already at the start of work. This makes them the ideal solution for fighter aircraft.

Earlier it became known that Northrop Grumman will create hypersonic missiles for the US Army. Raytheon will help her with this.

Hypersonic engines are also tested in other countries of the world. British researchers claim that their installation is suitable immediately for both missiles and aircraft. And in China, they are already testing a combined cycle engine that will bring the speed to six Mach numbers (six times faster than sound).

China has completed the design and development stage of a new hypersonic drones engine. According to Asia Times, engineers have already begun to assess the strength and reliability of the system. In the near future, experts will conduct the first tests of the power plant. The design of the Turbine Based Combined Cycle is led by the engineer of the Chengdu Aviation Research and Development Institute of Aviation Van Haifeng, who was previously developing the Chengdu J-20 and J-10 fighter jets.

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