Tim Cook, chill out.

Apple goes too far in the promotion of its new iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Guys from Apple don’t like to talk a lot about sales of their own production, and it has one serious reason – new iPhone XS isn’t that good and his sales is kind of shame for the company from Cupertino. 

It seems that Apple feels powerless, because it breaks bad with an aggressive marketing targeted to make more sales of new phones. The majority of their targeted advertisements are made for countries of Europe, Asia and USA. Of course, Apple has forgot about Russian customers, but that’s some kind of regular practice.

We can see new ads that suddenly appear on Apple’s website. Easy instruction for successful people: trade in your iPhone 7 Plus and get iPhone XS at lower price.

iPhone XS Marketing

That’s okay. But do we really need an iPhone XR to get ALL THESE APPS? Apple, you should just chill out a little bit.

My new iPhone is ready, thanks for noticing!  Too much effort to sell another copy-paste product, don’t you think?

I just couldn’t believe that Samsung’s “Ingenious” series were right about Apple. They just trying to correct all technical issues of their products by vast investing in marketing and promotion of their genius iPhone notch screen. I’m just glad that Samsung has no restriction in making fun of Apple’s ideas.

I think there’s no limit for such creative minds of Apple’s designers and developers. Technically their product “just fine”, but they have all the money of mobile market, as a consequence, they have big opportunities to create and distribute hi-end technologies. Nowadays, all we can see is a screen notch and a genius lightning to 3.5 adapter.

The most sad thing is that Apple are making future trends in a mobile design. For example, that annoying notch floods all screens of every low-budget mobile device. Just ridiculous.

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