New York will have the world’s tallest modular hotel. A building with a height of 26 floors will be erected at a record speed, and in addition, a third cheaper than the average cost of such buildings.

Hotel giant Marriott will build a 26-story skyscraper in New York in just 90 days. Moreover, the cost of work will be one third cheaper than the average market. According to B1M, construction will cost $70 million compared to the usual $100 million.

The new AC NoMad Hotel will not be an ordinary building, but modular. This means that the floor modules will be manufactured separately and assembled on site as a Lego constructor. Most of them will be produced in Poland, and then transported across the Atlantic Ocean.

Since it is possible to assemble modules and prepare the foundation at the same time, the process will take much less time than traditional construction.

At the same time, the modules will arrive in New York almost ready to move in – for example, the rooms will already have beds and lighting, and the bathrooms will have plumbing.

New York

Marriott hopes that the new skyscraper hotel will not only save time and money for the company, but will also become a truly recognizable building. “We wanted to demonstrate that a modular building can be more than just a demonstration of the efficiency of the manufacturing process,” said Danny Forster, owner of the company that designed the innovative skyscraper.

Another way to reduce the cost of construction is three-dimensional printing. Using this technology, you can build an entire quarter in just 24 hours. True, the buildings will be single-story. California-based Fuseproject has built an entire residential quarter in just 24 hours with 3D printing. New concrete houses received 50 people from a settlement of farmers and weavers somewhere in rural areas in Latin America

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