Elon Musk’s bold statements on Twitter do not raise questions for the management. The head of the board of directors of Tesla, Robyn Denholm, assures that the entrepreneur is fully trusted, and his approach to maintaining accounts in social networks is approved. However, “innocent” tweets continue to influence the company’s business.

Prudent Mask

Tesla management meets regularly with Elon Musk, and all management processes run smoothly, board chairman Robyn Denholm says. “Musk doesn’t cause us any problems,” she noted in a comment to Bloomberg. The chairwoman stressed that difficulties in communicating with entrepreneurs do not arise.

Denholm headed the board of directors last fall after Ilona Musk was removed from this position.

Under the terms of the pre-trial agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a businessman will not be able to hold office for the next three years.

The reason for the trial was the publication on Twitter, in which Musk announced plans to delist Tesla. He called the stock price significantly higher than the market and reported that he had already received funding. Later, these facts were not confirmed, and the SEC accused the head of the company of fraud.

Mask should coordinate tweets with Tesla lawyers, especially if the publication may affect the stock quotes of the company. In February, the regulator discovered that the businessman does not comply with this clause of the agreement.

The testimony of the head of Tesla is disturbed by many investors. Some even advise him to leave the post of head of the company and get another position. For example, the position of the “main ideologist.”

However, Denholm claims that the board of directors does not perceive Musk’s tweets as a threat to business. “Today, Twitter has become the norm for many executives. From my point of view, Elon uses the social network prudently. ”

She also stressed that the company did not violate the agreement with the SEC and fulfilled all obligations. However, the chairwoman of the council acknowledges that the issue will finally be resolved in court. Hearings will be held in early April.

Unmanaged director

As Ars Technica notes, Denholm cannot publicly criticize an entrepreneur. She has long been on the board of directors and clearly does not want to spoil relations with Musk.

In December, in an interview with the CBS channel, the head of Tesla denied rumors that Denholm was assigned to look after him. “This is unrealistic, since I own the main stake in the company and I can vote for shareholders and achieve everything I want,” Elon said at the time.

While the company really has to adapt to Musk. Verge journalists recently discovered that executive director tweets influence Tesla’s policy.

After the announcement of the closure of the majority of offline stores, the company announced that buyers of electric cars will be able to independently test drive after purchase. You can return the car and issue a full refund within seven days. However, customers who have been offered a test drive in the store will not be able to return the goods.

Musk did not take into account this moment in his Twitter microblog and said that any buyer can return an electric vehicle within seven days. As a result, Tesla had to make changes to the site so that the facts correspond to the statements of the executive director. As Verge notes, this is already the third time in a month when Musk’s position did not coincide with the company’s official position.

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