We all know that new trend of the past few years is a serious struggle against smoking of cigarettes and drinking of alcohol. Where public pressure and shaming is not enough, we expect to get some help from the police. If American policeman is a tough guy, so what can I say about the Russian one: he’s a young intern or he’s just don’t-give-a-damn kind of guy. Now I’m talking not about every person in Russian police, but about it’s majority.

russian police girl
There’s a lot of gorgeous female cops in Russian police, definitely that’s the bright side

A ban on the consumption of alcoholic drinks, including beer doesn’t work properly in Russia, and very often police don’t do anything to stop that. As a consequence, there’s beginning to appear different civil society organizations, one of them is “Lev Protiv” (“Lion Versus” would be the most literal translation). The public movement aims to stop consumption of alcohol and smoking in public places. Also “Lion Versus” does a monitoring of cops activity, trying to make them work.  

I don’t want to talk about Russian police too much, more interesting for me is to talk about young and not very young alcoholics of Moscow. A lot of able-bodied and not totally dumb people, it’s not proven yet, are drinking alcohol, swearing and act aggressive in the park in the center of Moscow. Most of members of Russian police don’t want to do something against that public drunkenness and mayhem. Even if this mayhem is in front of their eyes. Right in the time “Lev Protiv”, like a Russian Batman, breaks into the party of drunk freaks. Members of the movement will clean the mess and spill drinks into urns and gutters.

“Lion Versus” chose a quite dangerous way to prevent the mess

I admit that the social movement “Lion Versus” does all they do not only for an eternal justice, but for views on YouTube as well. That doesn’t change the fact that there’s a lot of people in Moscow, the capital of Russia by the way,  who don’t want to care about their own society, their own people and their lives. It feels like the issue is in the mentality of people. And vodka, of course.

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