The Internet of Things is millions of sensors that transmit information continuously. For many key applications, speed and the absence of delays are important – that’s why 5G is expected in this area. There will hardly be enough speed for a sovereign RuNet, so there won’t be smart cities in Russia for long.

Russian telecom operators continue to resist the idea of a sovereign RuNet: now they argue that this will be not only expensive, but also unacceptably slow. That will complicate the development of future-critical technologies of the future – first of all, the Internet of things, the basics of smart cities and the transport infrastructure of the 2020s. The operator’s letter was reviewed by Kommersant.

The main idea of ​​the “sovereign Runet” is the creation of an infrastructure in Russia that would ensure the autonomous operation of websites if it is impossible to connect to foreign servers. As well as endowing Roskomnadzor with enormous powers. The bill has so far been passed by the State Duma only in the first reading, and there are chances of it, if not hacked to death, then at least correct it.

One of these is being undertaken by the Association of Internet of Things Participants, which includes Rostelecom, MTS, ER-Telecom, MTT and others. The letter was sent to Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov and one of the authors of the project, Senator Lyudmila Bokova. The association believes that the implementation of the project will increase delays in data transmission – this is a consequence of the norm on traffic control at the operator’s sites using special equipment.

Many promising technologies of the future are tied to the progress of the Internet of things – for example, smart and energy-efficient homes, as well as the emergence of unmanned vehicles on the roads.

Officials noticed the letter, but did not offer concrete solutions. The representative of the Deputy Prime Minister Akimov told Kommersant that the issues would be taken into account when finalizing the draft law. And senator Bokova is sure that it is enough to “register in the law” so that there are no delays.

So far, when preparing for the second reading, only financial changes appeared in the draft law: for example, operators are promised to compensate the costs of installation and maintenance of equipment for traffic control.

Russia and China are considered as allies, but firewall in Asian country has been implemented a long time ago. Maybe Russia is trying to be like China, hence slavs will be closer to Eastern culture. China is opened for Russian work emigrants and this two countries have a good level of cooperation between them.